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Archived Character Development 2022-2023

Opal Learning Zone

What are emotions? – One of our focus stories this half term has been The Colour Monster. This has allowed discussion points all around emotions and how we can feel. The children initially were challenged to help the Colour Monster regulate his emotions and we used vocabulary including happiness, sadness and anger.

The children were challenged to think of a memory they associated with certain emotions. Scarlett picked the yellow pompom which represents happiness, and said: “I am happy because I love my Mam very much.”

Amethyst Learning Zone

AMETHYST LZ – Character Development Long Term Plan

National Sleep Day – During our recent Character Development lesson, we investigated the importance of sleep. The children were appropriately dressed in their pyjamas and dressing gowns and even pretended to have a nap on the carpet. The children were able to discuss the importance of sleep confidently, here are some examples:

“Sleep helps you feel better when you are poorly.” Amber

“Sleep is good to because it makes you feel calm like the Colour Monster.” George

Reflection Time – We used our final Character Development session of the half-term to reflect on the previous seven weeks. The children identified memories where they have been proud of their selves before we visited the prayer space to make links to God. The children have had opportunities to think positively about memories as we aim to promote self-talk and consolidate those early thinking skills.

Sapphire Learning Zone

SAPPHIRE LZ – Character Development Long Term Plan

Random acts of Kindness – Each learning zone in school takes on a community project. The Sapphire Learning Zone’s community project is ‘Random Acts of Kindness’. Our aim is to spread positive messages around Stanhope to give our community a boost of happiness.

For the first part of our community project, we wrote messages of kindness and positivity and then we took them to our local park and dotted them around. Keep your eyes peeled for our next Radom Act of Kindness!

How to be a good friend – We have been learning about what it means to be a good friend and how to be part of a team in Character Development. As part of the topic, we discussed how we can make other people feel better and one of those ways was giving compliments. We stood in a circle and gave the person to our right a compliment. Everyone had a smile on their face after this activity and it made is all reflect on how the things we say are important.

Ruby Learning Zone

RUBY LZ – Character Development Long Term Plan

Making the right choices – In Ruby, our Character Development work has focused on making the right choices. The children engaged in good discussions around making the correct choices both socially and for health reasons.


Role Play – The children learned about different relationships and how to build and maintain them. They shared experiences of their own lives and learned new ways to show respect for the people in their lives. The children acted out some scenarios, playing different roles to communicate a message of how they could help solve problems and ensure the relationships involved were not damaged.

Relationship Building – The children learned about different relationships and how to build and maintain them. They shared experiences of their own lives and learned new ways to show respect for the people in their lives. The children acted out some scenarios, playing different roles to communicate a message of how they could help solve problems and ensure the relationships involved were not damaged.

Emerald Learning Zone

EMERALD LZ – Character Development Long Term Plan

Understanding Ourselves – We have been learning about understanding our thoughts and emotions and how to deal with negative thoughts in Character Development this half term.  The children have also looked at different types of bullying and what we can do and who we can talk to if we are worried.

Diamond Learning Zone

DIAMOND LZ – Character Development Long Term Plan

Health and Prevention – This half term, the children have focused on the theme of health and prevention. This involved understanding the risks and effects of different drugs, alcohol and tobacco, how to take care after our body regarding sun exposure, the spread of bacteria and viruses, and why it is important for us to get enough exercise and sleep.

Being a caring friend – In character development, the children have been exploring what it means to be a caring friend and how to look after our mental wellbeing. They have produced some fantastic work on a range of areas within each topic such as: how to manage peer influence, how relationships can change over time, what a healthy and unhealthy relationship is, feelings we can experience and what we can do to help and things that contribute towards our own personal identity. We have had some excellent class discussions and the children are learning to deepen their understanding of ourselves and those around us.


Archived Character Development 2021-2022

Opal Learning Zone

How are you independent? – As part of our Character Development the children in the Opal Learning Zone have been attempting to achieve our Superpower of independence! The children set themselves a challenge of showing independence throughout the unit. Every time a staff member identified independent behaviour a child receives a gem which is placed in our gem power pot. After a number of weeks, the children eventually filled their gem power which allowed Opal to have a treat. The children decided to create their own ice-cream. Again, working independently the children created strawberry ice cream which was enjoyed by all.

Children in Need – We have recently had Children in Need day which saw all of the children come to school in their pyjamas to raise money for charity. We used our circle time to discuss why it important to help others and make connections with our school ethos of kindness. The children had a wonderful day dressed up, however they also showed a good understanding of the impact helping others can have.

Amethyst Learning Zone

How did you celebrate pride month? – It has been another exciting and engaging week at Stanhope Barrington. This week all the children took part in a Pride Colour Run! The children had an excellent time and understood the meaning behind the event. In Amethyst the children have been challenged to write a recount of the event in their Character Development books.

What does it mean to be healthy? – This week we have used our Character Development lesson to discuss what it means to be healthy. Initially, we recapped what the word healthy actually means and then began to sort food into healthy and unhealthy categories. Following the sorting activity Alfie raised that we can also do exercise to stay healthy. He then added that we could make an assault course outside for the rest of the Learning Zone. Using Alfie’s idea, we donned our coats and began to create a huge assault course in the outdoor area.

Sapphire Learning Zone

What can I share and what should I keep private? – As part of our staying safe topic in Character Development we have been looking at different ways we can stay safe at home, at school and when we are out and about. This lesson, we had a mature discussion about what we can share and what we should keep private. The children were excellent in the discussion and during group work about respecting their bodies.

Kinder Internet Spell – For Safer Internet ay this year we created a kinder internet spell. We started by putting all of the ingredients into a cauldron that we thought would make us kind on the internet. Then we added ingredients to make our very own spell.

Team Work – The children have been working hard to become familiar with and to put into practice our Superpowers in the Sapphire Learning Zone. During a trip to Weardale Adventure Centre the children put into practice and then reflected upon the Superpowers they had used during the day. The children have also taken part in many Kindness activities, our theme for this term linked to KFC, our school vision.

Ruby Learning Zone

Children’s Mental Health – As part of our Character Development this term, we did some work around Children’s Mental Health Week. Each child completed a star setting themselves a personal growth goal. The children also added a name of someone who can support them in reaching their goals to the support balloons.

Emerald Learning Zone

Keeping Safe Online – In Emerald we have been learning how to keep safe online.  We have made a class pledge, created posters to inform others how to stay safe and we have looked at how information and pictures may be altered to make us see things differently.  The class enjoy these lessons and they always result in wonderful discussion and debates.

Kindness poetry – We have been practicing for our class assembly based on our school Autumn term theme, kindness. Our Christian value for this week was forgiveness and we had a go at writing our own kindness poems with a theme of forgiveness. The whole class performed with confidence and we were really proud them!

Diamond Learning Zone

Children’s Mental Health – The children in the Diamond Learning Zone had fun completing activities for Children’s Mental Health Week. They were tasked to think about who supports them to grow (linking with this year’s theme) and write it on a balloon. The children then came up with their own game that they could play together in a group.

Masking our fears – This half term, the children in the Diamond Learning Zone have been focusing their work around friendships. We know it is important that we care for our friends as well as ourselves and understand what it means to make the correct choice. The children created some fantastic masks to show how we can be confident with who we are and how we can try to mask our fears.

Health & Wellbeing – Our focus for this half term in character development has been physical health and mental wellbeing. We have looked at how we can manage uncomfortable feelings as well as what can be the consequences of making bad choices. The children have enjoyed putting their own thoughts and ideas into their work.

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