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Each school in DNDLT has a local governance committee called the Academy Council (AC). The membership of the AC is made up of at least 11 councillors who are either ex-officio, appointed, co-opted or elected to the Academy Council. All councillors bring specific skills and knowledge to the role.

The AC meets half-termly and is responsible for the following functions:

  • Strategic planning of the school;
  • Monitoring the progress of the school’s priorities for improvement identified in the School Improvement Plan;
  • Holding the school’s senior leaders to account for the outcomes and progress of pupils;
  • Monitoring the school’s budget.

All Academy Councillors declare any interests at the beginning of the school year and this is recorded and kept on file.

Download – Governance at Stanhope Barrington

Our Academy Councillors

NameTerm of OfficeRepresentingResponsibilities
Dr. Sarah Haynes, Chair
As a Church of England School, Stanhope Barrington has three Foundation Governors who are nominated by the Church. I became a Foundation Governor of Stanhope Barrington School about 19 years ago, when my daughter was in nursery and I was pregnant with my son. Although they’ve both left, I’ve stayed on!

I have been the Stanhope Church secretary throughout, and one of my aims has always been to encourage good links with the Church. It has been good to see this build and develop, together with the warm ‘family’ atmosphere fostered within school, a living embodiment of ‘love thy neighbour’.
11.02.17 – 10.02.25FoundationSEND including Looked After Children (temp); CPD; Safeguarding & CP
Mrs. Angela Johnson, Vice Chair
I was born in Darlington, where I grew up with my parents, two sisters and several animals. I moved to Weardale in 2006 to a derelict house, which my husband and I renovated. I have a son who attended Stanhope Barrington C of E Primary School. I enjoy walking the dog, reading, crafts, cooking and helping at the school where I became a Co-opted Governor in March of 2019. I look forward to contributing my skills to continue to make Stanhope Barrington an outstanding place to learn.
28.03.23 – 28.03.27Co-optedScience; EYFS
Mrs. Deb Cross, Head Teacher
I enjoy working closely with our Academy Council who are incredibly proactive and involved in the day to day life of the school.
For our school to thrive and succeed it is essential that all members of our Stanhope Barrington family work together, putting the children at the centre of everything we do. It is fantastic to see Foundation Councillors, Parent Councillors, Staff Councillors and Elected Councillors all working together for the benefit of our school community. Many people bring many diverse and different skills to the AC (Academy Council) and this helps to keep us dynamic and forward thinking.
It is incredibly useful to have an objective eye and different perspectives all of which combine to ensure our school is the best it can possibly be.
20.11.21-20.11.25Ex Officio
Rev. Michael Baldwin
Linked to PostEx-officio FoundationRE
Mrs. Kathleen Norman
I have recently joined the Academy Council as a co-opted member and literacy link person.
Before I retired I spent all of my adult life teaching and supporting the teaching of English in both Primary and Secondary Schools.
Encouraging children and young people to develop a lifelong love of reading is my passion and I am extremely impressed with the enthusiasm of Stanhope children in engaging with all aspects of literacy – I feel privileged to be part of this vibrant and friendly community.
I live in Stanhope with my husband, John and Polly the cockapoo. I enjoy exploring the area with Polly and, of course, reading.
06.07.21 – 06.07.25Co-optedLiteracy (Writing – Spelling & Handwriting; Reading & Phonics); History (temp); Geography (temp); Attendance
Mrs. Liz Johns
I joined the Governing Body as a Co-opted Governor.
I have 3 small children – the eldest of which joined reception in September 2018. I have been very impressed with the education he has received so far and the school as a whole – the staff are always friendly and very approachable and it is clear they strive to ensure the children reach their full potential. Because of this I would like the opportunity to be more involved in the school and to support them to continue to be the outstanding school that they are.

I work full-time as a Manager for Durham County Carers Support which is a large charity supporting family Carers. I love spending time with my family and together we enjoy being outdoors, exploring new places and looking after our pets. I am excited to be involved in the future of Stanhope Barrington.
28.03.23 – 28.03.27Co-optedPE; Computing; Website; Character Development (temp)
Mr. Julian Haynes
I am a Co-opted Academy Councillor. I have been a Governor/Academy Councillor at Stanhope Barrington C of E Primary School for many years and am involved in the community in a variety of ways.
26.04.22 – 22.03.26Co-optedGDPR
Ms. Sarah Ingwersen
I have been a Governor since June 2012, first as a Parent Governor and more recently as a Foundation Academy Councillor. As a Foundation Academy Councillor, I support and develop the Christian ethos of the school. Ensuring the school is a compassionate, supportive and enjoyable place to learn, where every child feels valued and empowered, is my primary focus.

I have three children that have attended Stanhope Barrington. My interests include drawing, painting, reading, hiking, swimming and herpetology. I value the opportunity to contribute my time and experience to help make Stanhope Barrington C of E Primary School an outstanding place to learn.
01.02.2024 – 31.01.2028FoundationArt/Design; Design Technology; Wellbeing
Ms. Saskia Callaars-De Gruyter, Vice ChairResignedParent
Mr. Ian DargueResignedParent
Mrs. Andrea ParvinResignedStaff

Record of Academy Councillor Attendance 2023-2024

Tuesday, 10 October 2023;
5:30 pm
Tuesday, 28 November 2023;
5:30 pm
Tuesday, 6 February 2024;
5:30 pm
Tuesday, 19 March 2024;
5:30 pm
Tuesday, 14 May 2024;
5:30 pm
Tuesday, 2 July 2024;
5:30 pm
Mrs. Sarah Haynes (Chair)AttendedAttendedAttendedAttended
Mrs. Angela Johnson (Vice-Chair)ApologiesAttendedAttendedAttended
Mrs. Deb CrossAttendedAttendedAttendedAttended
Mrs. Kathleen NormanAttendedAttendedAttendedAttended
Rev. M. BaldwinAttendedAttendedAttendedAttended
Mr. Julian HaynesAttendedAttendedAttendedAttended
Mrs. Liz JohnsAttendedApologiesAttendedAttended
Mr. Steve BurtonApologiesAttendedApologiesResigned
Ms. Sarah Ingwersen*Sabbatical**Sabbatical**Sabbatical**Sabbatical*
Mrs. Andrea ParvinAttendedResigned
Ms. Saskia Calaars-DeGruyter (Former Vice-Chair)ResignedN/A
Mr. Ian DargueResignedN/A

Record of Academy Councillor Attendance 2022-2023

Tuesday, 11 October 2022;
Tuesday, 29 November 2022;
Tuesday, 7 February 2023;
Tuesday, 28 March 2023;
Tuesday, 16 May 2023;
Wednesday, 19 July 2023;
Mrs. Sarah Haynes (Chair)AttendedAttendedAttendedAttendedAttendedAttended
Ms. Saskia Calaars-DeGruyter (Vice-Chair)AttendedAttendedAttendedAttendedAttendedAttended
Mrs. Deb CrossAttendedAttendedAttendedAttendedAttendedAttended
Mr. Julian HaynesAttendedAttendedAttendedAttendedAttendedAttended
Mrs. Liz JohnsAttendedAttendedAttendedApologiesAttendedAbsent
Mrs. Angela JohnsonAttendedAttendedAttendedAttendedAttendedAttended
Rev. C. McClellandApologiesAbsentAbsentAbsentAbsentAbsent
Mrs. Andrea ParvinAttendedApologiesAttendedApologiesAttendedAttended
Ms. Sarah IngwersenAttendedApologiesAttendedAttendedAttended (Zoom)Apologies
Mrs. Kathleen NormanAttendedAttendedAttendedAttendedAttendedAttended
Mr. Steve BurtonApologiesAttendedAttendedApologiesAttendedAbsent
Mr. Ian DargueN/AN/AAttendedAttendedApologiesAttended
Mr. John AndersonAttendedResignedN/AN/AN/AN/A

Record of Academy Councillor Attendance 2021-2022

Tuesday, 12 October 2021;
Tuesday, 30 November 2021;
Tuesday, 15 February 2022;
Tuesday, 22 March 2022;
Tuesday, 17 May 2022;
Tuesday, 5 July 2022;
Mrs. Sarah Haynes (Chair)AttendedAttendedAttended (Zoom)AttendedAttendedAttended
Ms. Saskia Calaars-DeGruyter (Vice-Chair)AttendedAttendedAttended (Zoom)AttendedAttendedAttended
Mrs. Deb CrossAttendedAttendedAttended (Zoom)AttendedAttendedAttended
Mr. Julian HaynesAttendedAttendedAttended (Zoom)AttendedAttendedAttended
Mrs. Liz JohnsAttendedApologiesAttended (Zoom)AttendedAttendedApologies
Mrs. Angela JohnsonAttendedAttendedAttended (Zoom)AttendedAttendedAttended
Rev. C. McClellandAttendedApologiesApologiesAttendedAttendedAttended
Mrs. Andrea ParvinAttendedAttendedApologiesAttendedAttendedAttended
Ms. Sarah IngwersenAttendedApologiesAttended (Zoom)AttendedAttendedAttended
Mr. John AndersonAttendedAttendedAttended (Zoom)AttendedAttendedAttended
Mrs. Kathleen NormanAttendedAttendedAttended (Zoom)AttendedAttendedAttended
Mrs. Amy GreenN/AN/AAttended (Zoom)ApologiesAbsent
Mrs. Sarah StancliffeAttendedResignedN/AN/AN/AN/A

Record of Academy Councillor Attendance 2020-2021

Tuesday, 30 June 2020; 5:30pmTuesday, 20 October 2020; 5:30pmTuesday, 1 December 2020; 5:30pmTuesday, 9 February 2021; 5:30pmTuesday, 23 March 2021; 5:30pmTuesday, 18 May 2021; 5:30pmTuesday, 6 July 2021; 5:30pm
Dr. Sarah Haynes (Chair)Attended (Zoom)Attended (Zoom)AttendedAttended (Zoom)Attended (Zoom)Attended (Zoom)Attended (Zoom)
Ms. Saskia Calaars-De Gruyter (Vice Chair)Attended (Zoom)Attended (Zoom)AttendedAttended (Zoom)Attended (Zoom)Attended (Zoom)Attended (Zoom)
Mrs. Deb Cross (Head Teacher)Attended (Zoom)Attended (Zoom)AttendedAttended (Zoom)Attended (Zoom)Attended (Zoom)Attended (Zoom)
Mr. Julian HaynesAttended (Zoom)Attended (Zoom)AttendedAttended (Zoom)Attended (Zoom)Attended (Zoom)Attended (Zoom)
Ms. Sarah IngwersenAttended (Zoom)Attended (Zoom)AttendedAttended (Zoom)Attended (Zoom)Attended (Zoom)Attended (Zoom)
Mrs. Sarah StancliffeAttended (Zoom)Attended (Zoom)AttendedAttended (Zoom)Attended (Zoom)Attended (Zoom)Attended (Zoom)
Mrs. Liz JohnsApologiesAttended (Zoom)AttendedApologiesAttended (Zoom)Attended (Zoom)Apologies
Mrs. Angela JohnsonApologiesAttended (Zoom)AttendedAttended (Zoom)Attended (Zoom)Attended (Zoom)Attended (Zoom)
Mrs. Andrea ParvinN/AAttended (Zoom)AttendedAttended (Zoom)Attended (Zoom)Attended (Zoom)Attended (Zoom)
Mr. John AndersonN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AAttended (Zoom)
Mrs. Kathleen NormanN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AAttended (Zoom)
Mrs. Hannah StembridgeAttended (Zoom)Attended (Zoom)ApologiesApologiesAttended (Zoom)ResignedN/A
Mr. Jonathon EmersonAttended (Zoom)Attended (Zoom)AttendedResignedN/AN/AN/A
Mr. Shaun Myers (Head Teacher Support)Attended (Zoom)ApologiesApologiesRetiredN/AN/AN/A
Mrs. Carol StidwellRetiredN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A

Record of Governor Attendance 2019-2020

23 September 2019 5 pm- Finance Committee Meeting15 October 2019 3:30pm- Curriculum Committee Meeting22 November 2019 9:30am – Budget Review Meeting26 November 2019 5:30pm- Meeting of the Full Governing Body3 February 2020 5pm – Finance Committee Meeting9 March 2020 3:30pm-Curriculum Committee
Mrs Sarah Haynes (Chair)AttendedCancelledAttendedApologiesAttendedAttended
Mrs Saskia Callaars- DeGruyterN/ACancelledN/AAttendedN/AAttended
Mr Shaun Myers (Headteacher)ApologiesCancelledAttendedAttendedApologiesN/A
Mrs Deb Cross (Deputy Headteacher)AttendedCancelledAttendedAttendedAttendedAttended
Ms Sarah IngwersenN/ACancelledN/AAttendedN/AAttended
Mr Julian HaynesAttendedCancelledAttendedAttendedAttendedN/A
Mr Paul McArdleApologiesCancelledApologiesApologiesAttendedN/A
Mrs Sarah StancliffeN/ACancelledN/AAttendedN/AAttended
Mrs Carol StidwellN/ACancelledN/AApologiesN/AN/A
Mrs Hannah StembridgeN/ACancelledN/AAttendedN/AApologies
Mr Jonathon EmersonApologiesCancelledAttendedAttendedAttendedN/A
Mrs Liz JohnsN/ACancelledN/AAttendedN/AN/A
Mrs Angela JohnsonAttendedCancelledAttendedAttendedAttendedN/A

Register of Business Interests

Shadow Leadership Team

At the beginning of each Academy Council meeting members of our Pupil Voice Shadow Leadership Team give a presentation to the Full Governing Body on varying topics affecting our school.

How to become an Academy Councillor

If you are interested in joining our Academy Council then please contact the clerk to the DNDLT who will give you further information on how to do this. The contact the clerk by emailing: bill.deakin@berryeducation.com

Statutory Guidance for the Academy Council

As a member of Durham and Newcastle Diocesan Learning Trust (DNDLT), Stanhope Barrington C of E Primary School has due regard to the guidance issued by DNDLT in relation to the operation of the Academy Council. The school also has due regard to the statutory guidance from the Department for Education in relation to the publication of information about governance on the school website.

For further information, please view or download the Scheme of Delegation for the school which is the primary governance document for the school’s Academy Council.

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