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Week 1 (Beginning 07.09.22)

Kindness: Introducing KFC

To introduce and remind children of KFC and associated values and how our CW programme works throughout the week.Whole school collective worship to welcome everyone back to school and to remind ourselves of the school vision of KFC (Kindness, Fellowship and Confidence).
Read Miley’s Mind by Joanne Goodacre to explore how it’s ok to feel anxious, excited etc.
KS2 Key Stage collective worship focussed on The Big Picture as told through the Bible.
On Friday our Celebration Assembly and Collective Worship was suspended as we came together as whole school to reflect on the life of our Queen and to show respect for her passing.
Children were incredibly well behaved and respectful during collective worship.
We were very impressed that the children could remember The Big Picture demonstrating their learning from last year.
Friday’s whole school gathering was sad and respectful. Children have been asked to write messages or prayers for the Queen and her family at this very sad time.

Week 2 (Beginning 12.09.22)

Kindness: Compassion

How can we show compassion?Whole school collective worship to explore what we mean by ‘compassion’ and this is linked to the 10 days of national mourning.
We welcomed back our Open The Book Team on Wednesday as they presented a performance called The Kind Stranger based on Luke10: 25-37 which is one of the Queen’s favourite Bible stories.
Thursday Durham Police delivered a KS2 assembly on Internet Safety.
On Friday the children were invited to sign a card for the Queen which will be laid with flowers at Green Park in London on behalf of the school.

Children initially found the concept of ‘compassion’ tricky to understand but by the end of the week the majority were able to explain what it means and gave lovely examples of how they had been compassionate this week.
Some children supported the Open the Book Team by performing with them.
Feedback from children included:
“I remember the story because we’ve done it in school before but it was really good to do it again because there is lots we can learn about compassion.” Ava
“I liked the story because even though the Samaritans weren’t liked, it didn’t stop him doing the right thing and helping the man.” Jennifer
“The Samaritan was kind and the story shows you should help anyone who is hurt.” Aarohi
KS2 children had lots of questions about internet safety and found the session really interesting and helpful.
Children were invited to sign the card for the Queen and the majority of children did this in a solemn and respectful way.

Week 3 (Beginning 19.09.22)

Kindness: Caring

Why should we care for others?On Wednesday 21st September 2022, the Open The Book Team performed The Good Shepherd based on Matthew 18: 10-14.
On Thursday we welcomed Jet & Ben the Durham Police dogs into school to learn about how they are cared for, the role of dogs in the police force and to build confidence in handling animals.
On Friday we celebrated with certificates and awards many of which were for acts of kindness.

The children were thoroughly engaged with the props and storytelling and were able to link the moral of the story to our school vision and this week’s value of ‘caring’.

A group of children in Diamond were inspired to decorate small stones to place around the school grounds to remind others of our school vision of KFC.

Opal and Amethyst cared for our school grounds by going outside on Thursday to tidy up and collect litter.

On Friday children were able to reflect and talk confidently about how they had been caring this week. Examples included:
“I cared for my dog by feeding him and walking him.”
“I cared for someone who fell over on the yard yesterday.”
“I enjoyed learning about how police dogs are looked after by their handler.”

Week 4 (Beginning 26.09.22)

Kindness: Supportive

How can we be supportive of others?On Monday we heard the story from Mark 2: 1-12 about The Man Who Raised the Roof.
We listened to a lovely poem about Friendship and being supportive.

Throughout the week each Learning Zone has visited St. Thomas’ Church to take part in a Harvest Journey which focussed on different harvests (from the earth, the ocean, the garden etc).

On Wednesday we watched a powerpoint from Children In Need all about when someone might need a friend to be supportive.

Children were able to articulate how they are supportive to each other in school.
They really thought about jobs people do in which they are supportive and examples were shared.
The children had an amazing time at St. Thomas’ Church and it was a fantastic alternative way to celebrate Harvest. It really made the children think about more than just food. They learnt about the Fruits of the Spirit and we will be making a display to celebrate our learning.
Children were able to articulate really confidently and share their experiences of when they’ve needed help or when they’ve given support.

Week 5 (Beginning 03.10.22)

Kindness: Thoughtful

Why is it important to be thoughtful?On Monday we watched a video called Douglas Talks About the Fruits of the Spirit which focussed on Kindness.
We discussed this week’s value of Thoughtfulness and children were asked to think of someone they wanted to be thoughtful for this week.
Focus on Matthew 7:12 “Do unto others what you would have them do to you.”
In EYFS & KS1 they used their assembly time to do something very thoughtful and made cards for a child who has broken her arm.
It is also Dyslexia Awareness Week & KS2 had an assembly on what it’s like to be Dyslexic with a visit from Miss HP who shared her experiences.
On Friday we celebrated lots of success in school this week and children shared examples of how they have been thoughtful.
Children were able to talk confidently about the Fruits of the Spirit and could name them from their visit to St. Thomas’ Church last week.
Our children in EYFS & KS1 asked if they could make cards for their friend who has a broken arm.
On Thursday a child from Amethyst told the cook how lovely her dinner had been – very thoughtful.
The KS2 assembly on Dyslexia was very moving with a number of children talking openly about their own challenges and others identifying with some of the challenges.
On Friday children were able to articulate what they have done this week including making a card for their teacher on National Teachers’ Day.
Others talked about lovely thoughtful things they have done for others both in school and at home.

Week 6 (Beginning 10.10.22)

Kindness: Gentleness

What does gentleness mean?On Monday we had our launch collective worship and introduced the value of ‘gentleness’. We discussed being gentle and careful with our new Hay meadow flower seed so that we can look after the precious bees.
We also talked about World Mental Health Day and how we can be gentle with each other and ourselves.
On Wednesday Open The Book Team performed Waiting for a Friend based on John 1 1:39
On Friday the children were able to give excellent examples of how they had been gentle this week.

Children talked about being gentle with things which are precious such as pets, babies, glass or old things and it was really impressive to hear them talk about being gentle with their words as well as their actions.
“I’ve been gentle with my dog because she’s got a bad paw.”
“Sapphire have been gentle with Charlie because she’s got a broken arm.”
“ I told Mr Clarke I loved being in his class.”

Week 7 (Beginning 17.10.22)

Kindness: Reflection on Half Term

What have we learnt this half term about our values?This week we have discussed the values we have covered this half term: compassion, caring, supportive, thoughtfulness and gentleness.
These themes have been revisited in class collective worship, key stage collective worship and whole school collective worship.
On Friday we held our usual celebration assembly where certificates were given out.
Our children are very clear that the vision for this term is Kindness.
They were able to give lovely examples of how they have demonstrated each of the values over the course of the half term.
On Wednesday we had Wheels to Meals visit us for lunch and a game of Kurling. Our children lived and breathed our school vision of KFC (Kindness, Fellowship and Confidence) and we were really proud of them.


Week 1 (Beginning 31.10.22)

Kindness: Forgiveness

Why is it important to forgive?This week’s value was launched by looking at Ephesians 4:36 and discussing what forgiveness means.
On Tuesday Durham Fire & Rescue attended school and delivered a Firework Safety assembly.
On Wednesday Open the Book Team performed The Big Spender based on Luke 15: 11-32 which tells the story of the Prodigal Son and how his father forgave him.
Throughout the week the children have been looking at forgiveness and how some things are easy to forgive and other things are very difficult to forgive.
In Collective Worship on Friday, the children were able to give examples of times they have forgiven others.

Children were able to talk in detail about our vision for this term: Kindness.
They understood what forgiveness meant and were able to give examples of things which might be easy to forgive such as bumping into someone and things that are more difficult to forgive such as hurting a sibling.
Our annual Firework Safety session demonstrated that the children had remembered key learning points from last year and could articulate how to keep themselves and others safe. Their exemplary behaviour was commented on by our visitors.
The children were thoroughly engaged with the Open The Book performance and could make links between our value and the moral of the story.

Week 2 (Beginning 07.11.22)

Kindness: Generosity

How can we show generosity?On Monday we learnt about the British Legion Poppy Appeal and discussed how we can be generous by supporting other people.
We also discussed how we can be generous with our time and by sharing our things with others.
On Wednesday the Open the Book team delivered a performance called Everyone Gets the Same based on the Parable of the Workers (Matthew 20).
On Friday we reflected on how we have been generous this week. We held our own Remembrance Service with children from each Learning Zone sharing what they have been learning during War Week. We held a 2 minute silence at 11am.

It was really moving to hear our children talk about how they can be generous. They understood that generosity isn’t just about giving money or donations. One child said:
“We can be generous with our hearts.” Which was really thoughtful.
Our children have learnt so many different things during War Week from learning about evacuation to rationing, to the Blitz to life in the trenches.
They read some very emotive poetry and the Ruby Learning Zone met with a Great-Grandma from the Netherlands who shared her war time experiences with the children.

Week 3 (Beginning 14.11.22)

Kindness: Gratitude

During Anti-Bullying Week how can we show gratitude for our friends and those who support us?On Monday the children were introduced to Anti-Bullying week. The Buddies delivered a presentation on what bullying is and explained what we can do to stop bullying occurring.
The Buddies challenged the children to identify three people in their lives that they could reach out to and create a poster to share ideas (to display on the Barrington Buddy display).
Anti-Bullying week was linked to this week’s value of Generosity identifying ways in which we can help others in a moment of need and be grateful when others support us.

On Tuesday the children entered the hall wearing their odd socks to promote Anti-Bullying week. Initially the Buddies questioned why we were wearing the socks which all children could answer well. The Buddies then asked the children some scenarios and discussed how we should ideally react. The children were able to use the ‘reach out ‘technique to seek support and ensure safety.

On Thursday the Buddies were divided across the school to gather some pupil voice centred on bullying. The children were asked to reflect on what the school does well for Anti-Bullying and offer suggestions on how we could further improve.

On Friday our children reflected on what they have learnt this week and were asked to give examples of people they were grateful to have in their lives.
Children were able to talk very maturely about how they would seek support if they felt they were being bullied and could all identify a trusted adult.

The Barrington Buddies showed real confidence in leading our collective worship three times this week and were able to respond to questions from other children in thoughtful and supportive ways.

Children could identify why they feel grateful to have trusted people in their lives to support them when they need it and children could talk openly about what they could do to support others.

The discussion we had this week demonstrate that the children feel safe in our school and feel able to discuss their feelings and emotions in collective worship.

Week 4 (Beginning 21.11.22)

Kindness: Gratitude

How can we show gratitude during Christmas?This week we explored the idea of being grateful for things which are not ‘things’ or not material possessions.
On Monday Mrs Green talked to the children about how grateful we were for all of the fundraising activity which is currently taking place to raise money for our school but we also discussed how we are even more grateful for the support and for everyone working together to help each other.
On Wednesday the Open The Book Team delivered a performance entitled The Man Who Came Back based on The Ten Lepers (Luke 17).
On Friday our children watched an animation about being grateful for the things around us such as friends, family and nature.
It was incredibly moving on Friday to hear our children give lots of fantastic examples of things they are grateful for which are not material possessions or ‘things’.
Examples included:
“I am grateful for my family and friends.”
Oliver said: “I am grateful for my friends coming over to sit with me at lunchtime when I was on my own.”
“I am grateful for all of the staff in school who teach us.” Said Amina
Isaac said: “I am grateful for all of the animals.”
We heard lots of lovely reasons to be grateful and it was a very reaffirming collective worship.

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