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Week 1 (Beginning 15.04.24)

Confidence: Introduction to Confidence

What do we mean by confidence?On Monday Mrs Cross welcomed everyone back after the Easter Break and introduced the new element of our School Vision: confidence.
We talked about the weekly values we will be learning about over the course of the term.
On Tuesday Mr Storey carried out an EYFS and Key Stage 1 collective worship. In this session we discussed what it means to be confident. The children provided excellent responses.
“Confidence means when you are giving it a go without being scared.” Charlie Heppell
The children were then challenged to think of something they want to become confident at. The children all came out to the front of the session and pushed their dreams into a jar. We will revisit the jar at the end of term. Here are some of the children’s ideas:
“I want to be better at skipping.”
“I want to be more confident at writing.”
On Wednesday we talked about how confidence operates on a scale from no confidence to very confident depending upon the task or situation. We read Gideon & The 300 taken from Judges 6-7 which tells the story of how Gideon’s confidence grew with God’s help and he defeated the Minianites.
On Friday we celebrated success by awarding certificates to our Superstars of the Week, Breakfast Club Art Competition Winner, Sports Star of the Week and Head Teacher’s Award.
Children knew some of the values but were unsure about some too so we will need to ensure a good understanding is secure during future collective worship sessions.
Children were able to understand the message in the story about seeking reassurance if we are feeling unconfident.
It was lovely to hear how many certificates had been given for our school vision of ‘confidence’.
Children in Ruby who were anxious about swimming had grown in confidence and were looking forward to swimming next week.

Week 2 (Beginning 22.04.24)

Confidence: Being Responsible

How can we take responsibility?Today Mr Storey conducted a whole school assembly which introduced ‘being responsible’.
Initially the children were asked to identify people who were responsible, the children named:
The Pope
Marcus Rashford
Greta Thunberg

The children were then challenged to identify other people, which is where they began to identify people in our community.
We discussed how we all need to be responsible as Mr Storey showed images of our cloak room areas. The cloak rooms showed all the coats in school hung up and very tidy. The children described how they are responsible for their items. Mr Storey also mentioned the outdoor play equipment and how we are not always taking responsibility during tidy up time. The children have agreed that they should be taking more responsibility in school.

As part of the session the Willington u’10s football team were asked to come out to the front. The children had been fundraising for an upcoming tournament where they had been washing cars and selling cakes. The boys raised over £670 yesterday, which displays this weeks vision perfectly.

On Wednesday our Open The Book Team delivered a brilliant performance of David the Giant Killer (1 Samuel 17). As always the performance was fantastic!
On Friday we celebrated success by awarding Superstar of the Week certificates along with a wide range of Extra Special Awards for Art and Sports.

We awarded our weekly Head Teacher award and KFC star to the Early Years Team who have worked so hard to get Amethyst back up and open this week.

We sang happy birthday to those who celebrated this week.
The children have  great prior knowledge to confidence and can take in depth about it’s meaning.
The children were also very mature when discussing being responsible and could identify the impact their actions can have.
The children were very proud of the football team, and were amazed that they were able to raise that amount of money.
The children were able to identify the moral of the story: that the smallest person can make the biggest difference through taking responsibility for their actions.
Lawrence from OTB told us about meeting some ex-pupils in a shop recently and that they remembered this performance from last year and could also recount the message which was lovely to hear.

Week 3 (Beginning 29.04.24)

Confidence: Resilience

How can we increase our own resilience?On Monday Mr Storey introduced the story of Tilda Tries Again. Mr Storey asked the children to see if they could identify this weeks’ theme from the message in the story.
The children used excellent vocabulary to summarise the story and were able to correctly state that we were concentrating on resilience this week.
The children were then asked for a time they had been resilient. (See Impact for responses.)
During this session members of the community gardening club also spoke with the school to discuss their club and seek further members to aid with their project.
Isla and Florin shared pictures and explained what they get up to.
On Wednesday Mrs Cross told the Story of Jonah and the Big Fish from the book of Jonah.
We then watched a video from Chartwell’s (who provide our school meals) introducing their new superheroes. The video went through healthy eating and the Eat Well Plate which details the various food groups and why they are important.
On Friday we celebrated success by awarding certificates and awards for Superstars of the Week, Sportstar of the Week, Artist of the Week and the Breakfast Club Art Competition Winner.
We sang Happy Birthday to those whose birthdays fell this week.
George – “I had to keep trying in Literacy because the sentence was hard. But then I did it.”
Joseph – “I get sad when I leave Mam on a morning. But now I come in and don’t chew my sleeve.”
Ryan – “We are going to be resilient because we have SATs soon.”
Children were able to identify that the story was from the Old Testament and understood the moral of the story.
It was lovely to see how many children were given awards and certificates for being resilient this week showing a good understanding of the theme.

Week 4 (Beginning 6.05.24)

Collective Worship cancelled due to sewer leak disrupting normal timetables.

Week 5 (Beginning 13.05.24)

Collective Worship cancelled due to SATs week.

Summer Term 2

Week 1 (Beginning 03.06.24)

Confidence: Creativity

What does creativity look like in the bible?On Monday the theme of creativity was introduced to the children.
The children were initially asked to recall people who were creative in in the bible. (Responses in impact).
Following the question and answer session collectively we recapped the creation story. The children initially struggled to sequence the series of events which led us to recapping the full story.
The children showed brilliant knowledge by the end of the session as we also debated what creation looks like for them.
On Wednesday we had a visit from Durham Police to talk to the whole school about Water Safety. As we live in a beautiful place with the River Wear on our doorstep, along with lots of reservoirs and deep open water around us it is essential that the children know how to keep themselves safe around water.
On Friday we held our weekly celebration assembly where we reflected on how we can be creative. Many certificates and awards were given out, birthdays celebrated and the KFC adult award was given to a member of staff on the request of a child who valued how much their teacher had helped them.
“Noah was creative as he built an Ark when he got a message from God.” George
“David was creative. He used a catapult to defeat Goliath.” Jack K
“God was the most creative, he created everything.” Noah
The children answered questions thoughtfully and showed a good understanding of Cold Water Shock and that they should float on their back if they get into trouble.

Week 2 (Beginning 10.06.24)

Confidence: Determined

Why is it important to be determined?On Monday Mrs Cross introduced this week’s value of being determined. We talked about how lots of historic events and discoveries have been made by people who were determined. Mrs Cross read Aesops Fable of Jonny Crow who didn’t give up when he was desperate for water and eventually found a creative solution to his problem.

On Wednesday our Open The Book Team delivered a performance of ‘Jonah the Moaner’ based on Jonah 1-4. All of our children participated, some acting and everyone joining in with key words and actions.

Friday’s celebration assembly and collective worship reflection were cancelled due to sports day.

The children had a good understanding of determination and understood the message in the fable. We talked about all of us having problems and challenges to face at different times in our lives.

The children enjoyed taking part in the performance and understood the key message of the story.

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