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Archived Music 2022-2023

Opal Learning Zone

What sounds can we make? – The children have been excited to work with the instruments over the last couple of weeks. The children have had the opportunity to play a range of instruments to explore the different sounds they make. we have also focussed on a range of vocabulary including the names of the instruments and the way you can play them.

Amethyst Learning Zone

Christmas Carol Preparation – This afternoon the children have been utilising their superpower of co-operation to construct the Learning Zone Christmas tree. Not only were we working together, we were also practising our Christmas carols ahead of our Carol Service at the Church. We have mastered all of the songs and now have been trying to add expression to our voices.

Sapphire Learning Zone

Exploring Feelings Through Music – This term we have been following the charanga unit ‘How does music make the world a better place?’ As part of the unit, we have celebrated a wide range of musical styles and how music can bring us together. We also had an opportunity to start learning skills on the glockenspiel. We learned 2 notes on the glockenspiel and played a couple of songs using these whilst keeping in time with the music.

Happy Music – Last half term, we looked at music that makes us feel happy. Part of our music was learning the songs to our fantastic Christmas nativity. We also looked at some of our class favourites such as, My lighthouse which we all enjoy singing along to and joining in with the actions.

Ruby Learning Zone

The Dragon Song – Children in Ruby have learned ‘The Dragon song’ which had the important message of respecting the differences between people. They learned to sing the different verses of the song and also learned to keep the beat by playing notes on the glockenspiels.


Digital Mixing Board – Ruby Learning Zone really enjoyed having Mr Waite come into school to teach some music technology lessons during the Autumn term. The children learned how to use a digital mixing board to combine beats to make different styles of musical composition.

Emerald Learning Zone

Glockenspiels – We have been using our glockenspiels to learn about time signatures.  We have learned about music in 2/4 is a March and 3/4 is a Waltz.  We are getting better at finding the pulse and rhythm of a piece of music and enjoy performing to our peers in class.

Diamond Learning Zone

Music Software – The children have thoroughly enjoyed working with an external music teacher to learn how to create their very own music! They were able to feely choose their theme of music after learning the basic skills of the software. This inspired some children to continue to create their own music at home with their siblings and friends!

Understanding Music –  In music, the children have been exploring the understanding of music by looking at duration, pulse, rhythm and pitch.  As well as this, the children have been listening to different genres of music and songs played by a range of different musicians.

School Music Performances 2022-2023

Halloween Violin Concert – On Monday 17th October 2022, the whole school was treated to a spooky, spectacular violin concert! Our violinists performed some Halloween music which was very creepy. We were really proud of Aarohi who played her first ever solo in front of the whole school – great confidence!

Euan, Amina, Im0gen and Kadie-Mae played a number of songs which the children and staff thoroughly enjoyed.

Many thanks to Mrs. Millar from the Durham Music Service for all her help in teaching and supporting our talented musicians. If anyone would like to take up violin lessons in school these can be booked through Durham Music Service – please contact the school office for more details.


Archived Music 2021-2022

Opal Learning Zone

What does it mean to tap the beat? – During our Communication and Language sessions the children have been partaking in music. Mrs Humble has been utilising the school instruments to understand rhyme and rhythm. One of the ways she has done this is through tapping a beat. First the children listen to a beat and then attempt to recreate the same beat. The children have thoroughly enjoyed using the musical instruments and have showed how expressive they can all be.

Santa got stuck up the chimney! – As part of our Outdoor Nativity Production the Opal Learning Zone performed a number of songs for parents. In the countdown to Christmas the children learnt a number of cheerful Christmas songs which they performed superbly on the day. Well done to all of the children for showing confidence to stand up and sing in front of lots of parents.

Amethyst Learning Zone

Nativity – Prior to Christmas the children were ecstatic to welcome parents into school for our outdoor Nativity. The children sang a number of songs and retold the final nativity scene where Mary and Joseph welcomed Jesus into the world. The confidence and resilient skills displayed by all of the children was excellent, and the staff were extremely proud of the performance. Well done to the Amethyst Learning Zone.

Sapphire Learning Zone

Glockenspiels – In music we have been learning about blues music. We had practiced the song ‘In the Groove’, then we got to perform the song on the glockenspiel, everyone did really well to stay in time.

Christmas Performance – We have a wonderful time learning and performing some Christmas songs to support our section of whole school Christmas performance. We spent time looking at the lyrics of the songs and finding out what they meant, in relation to the Christmas story.

Ruby Learning Zone

The Beatles – This term we studied the music of The Beatles, focusing on their song ‘Blackbird’. The children got to listen to and appraise a range of Beatles songs, and improved their ability to discuss music using phrases like ‘tempo’ and being able to determine whether songs had high or low pitch or were slow or fast, as well as instruments they could hear. The children then learned to play along with the song on glockenspiels and perform the song alongside.

Musical Notation – In Music, Ruby Learning Zone developed our skills in reading musical notation and maintaining a beat by using the glockenspiels. The children learned to play a range of different songs using the notes ‘C’, ‘D’ and ‘E’, needing to vary their pace depending on how many beats were in a bar.

Emerald Learning Zone

Glockenspiel – The children in the Emerald Learning Zone have been learning to play the glockenspiel this half term.  We are making fantastic progress and you can catch a video of them playing on our Facebook page. Great work everyone.

Diamond Learning Zone

Glockenspiel – This half term we have been learning how to play the Glockenspiel. The children have really enjoyed listening to the music and learning key words such as: breve, semibreve, crotchet, quaver and semiquaver.

Archived Music 2020-2021

Opal Learning Zone

Amethyst Learning Zone

Singing Together – Our Opal and Amethyst Learning Zones enjoyed learning and performing a new song: If I were. Through music, they were celebrating that everyone is unique.

Sapphire Learning Zone

Ruby Learning Zone

Emerald Learning Zone

Diamond Learning Zone

Make Music Day – On Monday, we celebrated Make Music Day. We joined a live stream from the Big Sing and listened to a range of different genres. It was lovely to see children who are more reserved in other lessons get up to dance and sing along to the music!

September 2020- February 2021

Class 1

Makaton – In Music, unfortunately we have not been able to sing. However, we have really enjoyed listening to and learning the Makaton actions for a range of songs. We loved performing, “We wish you a merry Christmas” which can be seen on the school’s website.

Music Express – In Music, we have been using “Music Express” to investigate the “beat” in a range of pieces of music. The unit is called “Number” and the children have learnt to use body percussion to keep a steady beat and to perform changes in tempo.  We have also listened to a range of songs using Makaton.

Class 2

Christmas Makaton – In Music, we have continued to practice our Makaton skills. We have learnt and then performed our Christmas song, ‘Dominic the Donkey, for everyone to enjoy. We enjoyed learning something different and the actions were great fun.

Makaton – In Music, we have been learning a range of songs using Makaton (a type of sign language). We began the term with a Million dreams, followed by London’s burning, to link with our History topic. The children are now confidently singing both songs and we have now filmed their performances for other classes to watch.

We are now working on You’ve got a friend in me. A lovely song with a strong message.

Class 3

Class 4

Makaton – For our Christmas celebrations this half term the children learned a Christmas song in Makaton.  We practiced all of the signs for the song ‘It was on a starry night’.  The children were amazing at learning the signs.  This led into meaningful discussions around the way others can adapt to live their lives with a disability.

Class 5

Makaton – As a result of the current government guidelines, the children were not able to participate in their usual Christmas performance. Therefore, Class 5 learnt and performed a Christmas song in Makaton. The children thoroughly enjoyed learning the song and were impressed with their final performance.



Subject Co-ordinator: Mrs. D. Cross

Link Governor: Mrs. S. Stancliffe

Statement of Intent:

Class 1

Class 2

Nativity Play- The children all took part in Prickly Hay. There were songs, dancing and acting galore. The children all joined in and loved presenting their play to their friends and family.

We have been learning some songs with actions. We have then been trying to follow them and add in our own. We are getting really good. We are now focusing on some Autumn songs, ready for the upcoming festival.

We have been using instruments to show our emotions. This has been a big focus of ours in our PSCHE sessions and we have found music is a great way to express our feelings and help us when we are calming down.

Class 3

30.01.20- The children in Class 3 has the opportunity to watch the fantastic performance of Aladdin by a theatre company that came into school. The children thoroughly enjoyed it!

16.02.20- Children worked in small groups to create their own rhymes using body percussion. The children had lots of fun and they enjoyed performing their work to the rest of the class.

12.12.19- In Class 3, we have been using graphic scores, melodies and rhythm to create winter compositions. The children worked in small groups to create and perform their pieces of music using a variety of musical instruments.

26.09.19- We have had lots of fun identifying and listening to different types of instruments. We have also worked in teams to participate in an instrument quiz! During the rest of half term we are going to continue to use the sounds of different instruments to express our feelings and emotions.

Class 4

Moon Hares Project-Class 4 have taken part in a fantastic musical extravaganza this week! Following a workshop at Wolsingham Comprehensive School and two workshops in school, our Class 4 children performed at The Empire Theatre in Consett on Wednesday 29th and Thursday 30th January 2020.

This amazing opportunity saw our children perform with an adult choir and orchestra. Olivia, Xavier and Annie performed on stage whilst the rest of the class sang the songs they had rehearsed. The event was brilliant and the children thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Autumn Term- During a series of music lessons this half term, the children have looked in depth at musical notes and what they mean. The children explored body percussion in groups, and they experimented with different sounds using their bodies. They had lots of fun exploring different sequences and beats, and performed with confidence.

Class 5

Dance and Music- This term Class 5 are learning about different music styles through the 20th Century. They have then voted for their three favourites: country and western, hip hop and jazz.

One of our parents (Claire Wright) from Claire Wright’s Dance School has kindly agreed to come into school to teach the children different styles of dance linked to the different styles of music.

Music through the 20th Century- In Music Class 5 are learning about different styles of music throughout the 20th century. We have explored all different types of music ranging from heavy metal and folk music to Hip Hop and Blues.

The children have then voted which are their top three types of music which we will learn about in more detail and build into our PE lessons on Dance.

Music – Class 5 – 20th century music 2019

Music: Across the school

Our Brass players celebrate Christmas- On Friday 13th December 2019, Miss Casewell and the children who are learning to play brass instruments in our school, visited every classroom to play a selection of carols. The children have been practising their songs for the last few weeks and gave an excellent performance!

Durham Brass Festival comes to Stanhope Barrington-

Goodbye to Mrs Hughes-


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